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» Media

Our Television Channel Management system is used for planning of 20 leading television channels in Hungary, and Switch TV in Kenya. We also provide consultancy services to our partner.

We provide consultancy, project management to our partner Duna Television.
Our team has developed interface applications to simplify communication between subsystems of the television and external organisations.

As the Hungarian partner for SintecMedia AMS we managed the introduction of a television airtime sales system, including public procurement tendering and interface design.

MTV New Media Ltd. uses our automated teletext info services.

» Audiovisual Archive

  • Our archive system is being used by the House of Hungarian Heritages since 2004 for processing of thousands hours of video and audio material collected from the Hungarian Folklore. Most of them are published on the web and are available for purchase in the web shop.
    The Institute for Musicology also uses our applications to process collections of Bartók and other collectors from his age.

» Telecommunication Network Management

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